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VR Gamer

Experience Virtual Reality Anywhere

Looking for an unforgettable experience for your next event? You are in the right place! 

Virtual Reality (VR) is an experience of an immersive world that can be similar or completely different from the real world. It allows you to discover physical imagination.

Distort Reality is here to show off this incredible experience to make any event come to life.

Being portable means we can bring the world of virtual reality anywhere. With only one requirement; a plug socket! (Wifi is a bonus but not essential) 



- We cater for both indoor and outdoor events. For outdoor events, we ask for shelter and access to a plug socket! (We can provide a gazebo or marquee at an extra cost)

- 2m by 1.5m is the minimum space required for VR

- We can set up in any venue

- We are accessible to everyone but do recommend age 7+

- We are based in the West Midlands but our equipment is specialised to be mobile so we can travel to you 

What are the requirements?


What makes us Unique?

- An unforgettable experience that will be difficult for guests to forget!

- Affordable costs

- We cater to all events

- Qualified experience in events

- We are passionate about spreading the fun with our VR experience

- Premium Virtual Reality equipment

- Our team will ensure everyone has the best possible experience and are IT experts so you won't have to do a thing!

- DBS Checked



Why Virtual Reality?

- Submerge yourself into a world of imagination

- It's not just a game it's an experience for the player and the viewer

- Accessible to anyone 

- Bring in crowds for public events

- The future of gaming, education and training

- Hundreds of games to choose from..

Check out our blog page for more information on our games

Games and Experiences

Ranging from action, adventure, puzzles, art to exploring different worlds

Our Favourites;

Fruit Ninja VR

Richie's Plank Experience

Tilt Brush

Google Earth VR

Racket NX

Space Pirate Trainer

Superhot VR

Dick Wilde 2

Screenshot (7).png
Screenshot (13).png
Screenshot (8).png
Screenshot (9).png

Fantastic experience, VR came to our home and the whole family loved it . Well worth the money an unforgettable day. Can't wait to re book.

- Jacqueline Stewart

Excellent experience, highly recommended for kids and adults, great entertainment to do and to watch others playing, a superb thing for feelings of personal achievement too, professionally organised, book now!

- Luan Crawford

Fantastic experience, VR came to our home and the whole family loved it . Well worth the money an unforgettable day. Can't wait to re book.

I've had so many messages from parents saying how much the boys enjoyed it. Thank you they had a great time.  Hope the business continues to go well and maybe book you again in the future.

- Joanne Hill

Virtual Reality Fighter

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Tel: 07882013292  |  Email:


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