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9 dirt 4 just get an a rt 3500, these things are very buggy, i mean for real bugs, this thing is crap, even with a geforce g210 card you have to use the software driver, i've been using it for days and it keeps crashing, bad bad bad buig dirt 5 with my geforce mx series, i had a program called openGL Driver Manager, from that i could install various openGL driver, this program got deleted from my computer some months ago, and as i got so bored of trying to get rid of that buggy piece of crap that got deleted from my comp, i decided to edit it and re-upload it to google code, at this point i had a version with buggy algos, a version with buggy algos but with some fixed algos, a version with no algos and just to make it clear, this thing is buggy, this thing is crap. and that version has been released to the public, now you can download it here dirt 6 openGL Driver Manager has evolved to the next level, now you can update the algos in your driver manager without even opening the program, i also released an example driver with openGL enabled, so if you are not using openGL, you can simply remove the openGL configuration. so you see, the more i try to have an open source project, the more bugs there will be, so i decided to release the buggy versions to the public to see if there is a big problem and if so, i can fix them and fix the rest of the bugs, the one big problem with this project is that it gets a lot of crash bugs. and no one cares, i mean no one. what should i do with this project? it's not like i can support the project myself, it's got so many bugs and no one cares. well that's why i release the buggy versions, so i can fix them, that's what i'm doing, i release a buggy version, and i fix it, so you can see that i'm not a waste of time, i'm an asset to this project. dirt 7 well, i'm gonna have to quit this project, there are no major bugs left to fix. i did this project because i was bored, i was just bored of trying to get rid of the buggy openGL driver and i



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Dirt 3 Crack No Virus Reloaded kanglen

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